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QSR/Restaurant Advertising Platform

Drive Diners to Your Restaurant with Precise Targeting & Measurable Results

Connecting with your customers across multiple channels, i.e. blending mobile and CTV ads, can make diners 2.5X more likely to visit your restaurant.

Target key audiences based on past visitation behavior or their real-time location

Steal share of market from your competition

Measure the impact of your digital ads

Support Top Traffic-Driving Initiatives

Tap into our suite of intent-based solutions to drive awareness, foot traffic, and sales.

Promote New Limited-Time Offers (LTOs)

Drive awareness of LTOs and steal share from key competitors by reaching Competitive Loyalists.

Activate real-time tactics like Proximity Targeting to influence impulse trials by targeting customers near your locations.

Drive Traffic During Specific Dayparts

Leverage Custom Audiences to target heavy Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Late-Night diners and steal share from your competition during key dayparts.

Promote Pick-Up & Delivery

Promote pick-up with hyper-focused ads in customized Neighborhoods trade areas and delivery zones and drive hungry diners to your online app or website to place orders.

Weather can be a big motivator to pick-up or click that order online CTA.

Target Value Customers

Reach budget conscious customers with special offers, coupons and more.

Tap into Behavioral Audience Targeting to identify customers who visits locations like off-price or fast-food restaurants to drive incremental sales.

Cost Per Visit Pricing Model

Only pay when GroundTruth drives targeted shoppers into your stores.

GroundTruth makes it easy to connect with your audiences at multiple touch points

From their couch to their desk and even on-the-go, all through a single platform.

Reach high-intent customers with display or social ads on their computers, mobile or tablets, or Connected TV devices.

Acrosss Top Online Publishers

We deliver your ads on web inventory that has been manually curated for brand safety.

  • Premium Inventory
  • Brand Safety and Fraud Prevention Solutions
  • Blacklists, Monitoring and Blocking Tags to Manage Brand Safety

Case Studies



Increase in engagement rates

How BMW used location technology to drive luxury consumers to local dealerships.



increase in likelihood to visit Denny’s

And an additional 25k visits to Denny’s locations post-ad exposure.


Order Up: How QSRs Can Stand Out Against the Competition

To win in the QSR/Restaurant market, brands need a new kind of value meal: Flexible, customer-first strategies backed by real-time consumer behavior data.Learn from the experts on how to focus on the right audience and tactical advertising strategies to drive visits.Learn from the experts on how to focus on the right audience and tactical advertising strategies to drive visits.

See what real-world behavior can do for your restaurants

Contact our ad experts to answer your questions and help you drive more diners to your restaurants.

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