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Travel Tourism Advertising Platform

Drive people to your destination using GroundTruth’s powerful omnichannel audience targeting

Drive visits

Increase destination interest

Ads on Mobile, CTV, Social, Desktop and more

Reach potential shoppers when and where it matters the most

GroundTruth audiences are based on real-world location indicators and demographic information derived from visitation patterns collected by Blueprints, the industry’s largest and most accurate geofencing platform.

Drive Markets & Fly Markets
Target potential customers in states, DMAs, and ZIP codes based on their real-time location and places they have visited in the past.
On Premise Targeting
Target specific points of interest like airports and convention centers to convince travelers to visit locations while they’re in town.
Weather Triggered Messaging
Send snowbirds to warm weather and ski-bunnies to the slopes using this unique and effective feature.
Custom Audiences
Build tailored audiences using visitation data, behavioral attributes, demographic data, and purchase information.
Layer third-party data on decision-making and influencer audiences like travel agents and event planners. 
Stay top of mind until your target is ready to book by re-messaging exposed audiences for up to 90 days.
Competitive Conquesting
Build tailored audience segments using visitation data, behavioral attributes, demographic details, and purchase information.

Reach Your Audience on Multiple Devices…

GroundTruth makes it easy to run integrated cross-device marketing campaigns through a single platform.

Reach high-intent customers with display ads on their computers, mobile or tablets, or Connected TV devices.


Acrosss Top Online Publishers

We deliver your ads on web inventory that has been manually curated for brand safety.

  • Premium Inventory
  • Brand Safety and Fraud Prevention Solutions
  • Blacklists, Monitoring and Blocking Tags to Manage Brand Safety

GroundTruth’s Sample of
Destination Audiences

Measure the Results that Matter to Your Business

Unlike other media companies, measurement capabilities go beyond reach and clicks.
We measure the direct impact of your ads on store visits.

GroundTruth’s performance-oriented approach ensures that you will exceed all campaign KPl’s with high performing, audience targeting solutions based in real-world behavior.


How the Right Combination of Targeting and Creative Delivered Impressive Engagement for the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys has been a top destination for travelers in northern designated market areas (DMAs) for decades. To continue the tradition of tourism and travel to this region, the Monroe County Tourist Development Council worked with Tinsley Advertising and GroundTruth to develop creative solutions that would increase engagement and interest in visiting the Keys.

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